Sunday, October 22, 2006


Years ago, if you'll recall, West Coast Jeff was on the forefront of the internet culture--ndaring to blog eve before there was a name for it!

But then the rest of the world caught up with me and it suddenly wasn't so fancy. "Meh," I said. "EVERYBODY's doing it! What's the fun?" I moved on. Until now.

I finally decided to do the blog thing...partly because some of you have been complaining at me about the severe lack of West Coast Jeff episodes...But mostly it's because I need help with my Halloween costume. Again.

Yes, that's right--it's time for the WCJ Annual Appeal. I've been so busy trying to stay alive and sane amongst the army of mental patients I currently work with, that I haven't had the time or energy to come up with a Halloween costume. Boo, indeed.

But you can fix it with this simple three-step plan:

Step 1: You send me your ideas.

Step 2: I steal one of them.

Step 3: Everyone wins!*

*No one wins.


Last year, Goatee Greg took the top honors with his suggestion:

West Coast Jeff as Quaker Oats' own Cap'n Crunch

Not only was it a genius idea, it also helped spawn an entire Cereal-Related Halloween group adventure, part of your complete breakfast:

Frankenberry, Booberry & Count Chocula as portrayed by Adam & The Bookbinders, Rachel & Jon.

For the record, there are a LOT more pictures of Bookie as Frankenberry. All you have to do is ask for them.

Anyway, as you know, I get ridiculously excited over Halloween.. So, if you have any hilariously original ideas (or just a desire to make me look foolish) please send them along!

Here's a brief look at some of my past costumes to help inspire you!

2004's Contest Winner: The Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story" sent in by RobinPipSmithTefftPCH
And yes--my leg lit up.

Bookie and I as Siamese Twins at a Carnival-freak themed party.

2000's Terrifying Easter Egg Costume

And, of course, my all-time favorite: A Life-Sized Operation Game

Well, kids--get to work! E-mail me your costume ideas today!

The winner will recieve this handsome West Coast Jeff Halloween mug! Weooooo!